Which of my warriors oc's are you?

In this quiz, you basically just get to figure out which of my warriors oc's you are most like. Does this add any value to your life? No. are the results always accurate? No. If you are bored tho, you can take this quiz, or just do something else to make you un-bored.

Okay I need to make this description long about so imma just type for a little bit. Why do these descriptions need to pass a certain length anyways? Like... What if you don't need to describe your quiz in a lot of words. well that doesn't matter because I reached the amount needed. Bye for real this time OwO

Created by: Kat

  1. Lets start off with a simple question, which of my clans would you be raised in?
  2. If you where a cat, what natural pelt color would you want?
  3. What pattern would you want?
  4. How would you describe yourself personality-wise?
  5. Roleplay time! You find yourself sitting in camp with nothing to do, what do you do to pass time?
  6. You are in a toxic Friendship/ relationship, and don't know how to get out. what would be the best way?
  7. Would you ever kill to be leader?
  8. So... I apparently need at least 10 questions But I dunno what to ask, so the rest of the questions are just nonsense that don't affect our score
  9. So... Hows life?
  10. Alright thats All I needed, have an Epic day! OwO

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Quiz topic: Which of my warriors oc's am I?