Which of my Roleplays Should You Join?

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I'm not going to lie, this is legitimately just a random quiz idea I found while searching my brain for quiz ideas, and then I started looking for roleplay ideas, and then - you know what, I'll break your brain if I keep ranting.

Go ahead and take the quiz; you want to, don't you? Go on, rejoin your brethren in the comments section... assuming anybody actually comments, but anyway, I think you want to go ahead and take this quiz.

Created by: A Scathing Rain

  1. Pick a color. (I'm so sorry. There are only three; pick one out of the three.)
  2. Which word do you feel most attuned to?
  3. What is your safe place?
  4. Throne or crown?
  5. Sword or shield?
  6. Be the president but everyone hates you, or be a mod of a small Discord server where you have good friends?
  7. Faithful husband/wife or handsome/beautiful husband/wife? (Cannot be both)
  8. Are you familiar with roleplaying?
  9. Do you like death cows?
  10. What is roleplaying?
  11. Pick a social media platform.
  12. Pick something to do.
  13. Are you loyal to your friends?
  14. Are you always honest?

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Quiz topic: Which of my Roleplays should I Join?