Which Of My Friends Are You?

This quiz is made for my friends, especially the ones referenced in the results. The names are inside jokes so I can keep them anonymous. If you're a result and you're reading this... I'm sorry it's fun.

Answer multiple questions very carefully, but do not double-guess yourself. Once you're done, you'll learn which of my friends you are. Names accompanied by description, and share the results with me.

Created by: G-Easy ±

  1. Someone is throwing sunflower seeds at your lunch table. You:
  2. Someone writes a note on your locker that says, "Your amazing!". You:
  3. You don't have a packed lunch, and have no money with you. You:
  4. Which afterschool activity is best?
  5. The "yo" conjugated form of "decir" is:
  6. Best instrument?
  7. Best fast food restaurant?
  8. If you could live anywhere, you would live...
  9. You like:
  10. Last but not least... what would make a good number one on the bucket list?

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Quiz topic: Which Of My Friends am I?