Which of my favourite video games are you?

I once had an idea: there aren't many quizzes on video games! I wonder if I put some of the games I really liked that aren't too popular, and see how it turns out, and I got this out of if.

What game do you think you are? I have minecraft, Deadly Creatures, Company of Heroes, World of Tanks, the Pikmin franchise, and borderlands 2. I hope you enjoy!

Created by: Valkyire897
  1. In a video game, what would you rather do?
  2. do you have a leveling system in your game?
  3. Pretend Nintendo put your main character in SSB4, what is your moveset?
  4. which of these is an enemy in your game?
  5. Is this quiz boring to you (has no effect on score, but please comment the answer you gave so I know what quizzes to make In the future)
  6. Can you break objects and/or structures in your game?
  7. What weapons do you use?
  8. Almost done!
  9. Now I'm going to list YouTube's with 50,000 or more subs that have played these games. You choose one.
  10. I hope you enjoyed this quiz comment and/or rate!

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Quiz topic: Which of my favourite video games am I?