which number are you?

there are many people but there are many numbers too... this quiz can help you to pretend to be a number. take this, or leave it. this quiz is not a serious quiz but you need to be honest. honest= fun.

are you honest? are you evil? if you are evil, bah... you can lie to me, or sometimes not. do you like numbers? if you like it, i think you like this quiz too.

Created by: ivyna
  1. do you like planting trees?
  2. how often do you do hi five?
  3. do you like your fingers?
  4. what rank did you get last time?
  5. do you wear glasses?
  6. i will love you 4ever. what is 4?
  7. how many kids do you have?
  8. how many people in your family?
  9. which letter is closer to your first letter name?
  10. what name is like your name?
  11. do you like alphabets?
  12. do you like 2012?
  13. want to see the result?

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Quiz topic: Which number am I?