Which Norris Nut are you?

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take this quiz and find out which norris nut you are! if you're a mega legend like me then find out which norris nut matches your personality the most!

If you like this quiz please make sure to share it with your friends! this isn't a real quiz it's just for fun (not 100% true results) I hope you enjoy!

Created by: sophia
  1. what is your favourite thing to do?
  2. whats your favourite food out of the following:
  3. whats your favourite video game?
  4. do you prefer dressing:
  5. whats your favourite norris nuts song?
  6. what your favourite colour?
  7. whats your zodiac sign?
  8. what would you describe yourself as?
  9. whats your favourite type of video?
  10. whos your favourite parent?

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Quiz topic: Which Norris Nut am I?