Which Nickelback Member Are You?

Have you ever wanted to know what nickelback member that you are most like, if so this the quiz to use to find out. Answer a series of questions and then see your results!!!!!

Are you a chad, mike, daniel or a ryan. Find out by taking this quiz. You will reailize just how much you are like on particular memver of the beloved nickelback!!!!

Created by: chaddyk
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  1. Would you do dumb stupid s*** on a dare or for a case of warm flat case beer?
  2. Can you mange to keep a level head when you are frustrated?
  3. When you go to parties are you the life of them?
  4. Can you hold your liquor?
  5. If you could party with nickelback would you?
  6. Are you modest and humble?
  7. Do you idolize Nickelback?
  8. Do you consider some of your behaviors as criminal activity?
  9. Can you play guitar and sing?
  10. did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Nickelback Member am I?