Which Naruto girl character are

Hmmmm who could you be maybe Karin, sakura, Konan, Hinata, Ino, temari,tenten so many girls so little time. find out which naruto girl you are most like .

are you shy & sweet like hinata ? Bold like temari ? flirty like ino ? or a annoying like sakura aha jk or a honor studnet like sakura ? find out now!!

Created by: Maria

  1. if a ninja from a different village kidnapped you & you escaped but no one notice you were gone you would ?
  2. which naruto boy would you have a crush on
  3. on your spare time you would
  4. pain invades village what do you do ?
  5. tsunade offers you some sake you ?
  6. naruto tries to say you out on a date you
  7. sasuke comes back to the village when everyone is sleeping & you happen to see him what do you do
  8. naruto just kissed sasuke what do you do or think ?
  9. your dad tells you your not good enough to be a ninja at all you
  10. who do you think you are going to get ?

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