Which name should you have (Girls Version)

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Right I have selected six names which I really like and decided to put it into a quiz so that you can see which name matches you

Okay...Same as before six names you'll be one of them. Ect ect. Right pointless information now :) I'm not actually from America :D Im from the big U.K! yeah sounds pathetic when people are like "I'm from America!"

Created by: Sammie
  1. What Colour is your hair???
  2. What Colour are your eyes??
  3. How Innocent are you on a Scale from 1 to 5
  4. Pick a symbol
  5. Pick a Letter
  6. Do you like the sound 'ee' at the end of a name?
  7. Which one describes you more
  8. Do you like Unique names or Common and well known names?
  9. Do you like being outdoors??
  10. Pick an Activity

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Quiz topic: Which name should I have (Girls Version)