Which mythical creature are a protector for?

There are many magical creature, but few need protecting. Protecting is, afterall, something we all need, something we all give. A protector is extrodinarily not afraid to guard that it loves so much, fight whatever comes to harm it, and keep it hidden from the world if necessary.

So which mythical creature are you a protector for? Do you have the stregnth and love for your result. Intil now you could only wonder? Do you protect the unicorn, fairy, dragon or that malcious basilisk? Take the quiz and find out !!!

Created by: Dejanae

  1. Your sibling rode your bike without permission and got the chain around the pedal and a flat tire. There is no way for it to be fixed with all the damage. What do you do or say?
  2. Its your birthday!! And for your birthday you get a surprise birthday cake :P (yummy). You mother brings in your cake and.... She got the cake you always hated! Eww! what do you do?
  3. You are in a race and the winner gets 10,000 dollars. However, your best friend is also in the race and you are seconds away from being the winner until you hear someone fall and cry its your friend and they seem to have a twisted ankle what do you do?
  4. Someone is drowning!! What do you do?
  5. Your aunt always ask you to help clean up everytime you go over. What do you say or do?
  6. Your sibling Wont give up the remote
  7. Type of book?
  8. :D haha.... Favorite color please! This effects your results... Choose wisely...... No pressure :)
  9. Its my first quiz soo could you maybe comment on it :) thank you!
  10. Sorry the questions were long. Will you rate also?? :)

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