Which mlp guy likes you? (Ver. 1)

A quiz to find out which mlp guy loves you. Which one is it, fancypants, double diamond, shining armor, soarin’, feather bangs, sunburst, thorax, Big Macintosh, King Sombra, or discord?

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Created by: Cadey

  1. me: hello, quiz-taker! To figure out wich guy likes you, some mlp guys are going to ask you questions!
  2. Fancypants: What fashion would you wear?
  3. Double diamond: what is your favorite sport?
  4. Shining armor: what do you think of royal guards?
  5. Soarin’: do you like Cloudsale?
  6. Feather bangs: what do you think of equal ponies
  7. Sunburst: do you like unicorns?
  8. Thorax: So, sunburst likes unicorns, but do you also (If you said you liked them) like changelings?
  9. Big Macintosh: what’s your opinion on apples?
  10. King Sombra: do you likes things like evil, gems, stairs?
  11. Discord: would I ever lie to you?
  12. Me: which species do you like best?
  13. Me: which one of those dudes do you like best? (The others are below)
  14. Prt 2 to the last question, so... yeah

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