Which MLP character are you?

You might be wondering which pony you are sharing the most similarities with, Could it be Twilight or Applejack or someone else from the mane six, find out in this simple quiz that might answer your question. Each pony is unique in her way just like you.

It's up to you to find out which pony you are. Someone who is a bookworm or a party pony. You have to answer some questions but remember tell the right answer to get the right pony.

Created by: adorable alicorns
  1. Who is your favourite pony of the mane six?
  2. What is your favourite type of pony!
  3. If you become an alicorn, how would you like ponies to treat you?
  4. What is you biggest fear?
  5. What happens when you do something great for someone and you get complimented?
  6. If you were playing Truth and dare and your friend chose dare, what dare would you give them?
  7. What describes you better?
  8. You cheated on a test.
  9. You got a "F" on your test
  10. What happens if someone hits you really hard?

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Quiz topic: Which MLP character am I?