Which Merlin Character Are You?

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Okay, so you all know, hopefully, the show on Channel Ten at about 6:30 PM, called Merlin? Okay, okay, yeah. Hm...I LOVE that show! My favorite character is Merlin, xD WUT A SURPRISE!!! LOL

And this quiz is about oah oaif ;aodhf ;aodufh ;aaos d;ao if'ap skb c;zhd ;cozh c;zoid ;as .kd oa;i a;lnc. f;soh f;slb sodf s;dcn, kc;osd h.cb s;of s;fois ;

Created by: The Geek

  1. You see a poor, homeless woman lying on the streets. What do you do?
  2. You hired a servant to come and clean up your house. When you come home, you see that the horse isn't clean, your servant hadn't bothered at all! You...
  3. You just found out that someone is planning to *attack* your house! You...
  4. Which one: Sword, bow & arrow or mandrake root?
  5. Do you make your dinner/breakfast/lunch yourself?
  6. Do you fight in a melee?
  7. You hear footsteps coming up&down the hallway, and it's late at night! You...
  8. Next 3 or 2 questions are going to uneffected ones. kk?
  9. Do you watch Merlin?
  10. Last question: Are you bored?

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Quiz topic: Which Merlin Character am I?