Which Mel Gibson Character Are You?

What do you know about Mad Max? This is a quiz about which Mel Gibson character you most portray. What your personality is most like. This quiz is just for fun and not always going to be correct for some people so don't take it seriously.

There are 4 characters you could be and each one has their own trait to possess and are brilliant to watch in movies. Scroll down and enjoy this fun filled quiz!!

Created by: Maria Vincent
  1. In a hostage situation what would be your reaction?
  2. In a fight with your friend and they start to punch how do you react
  3. What would be most worth fighting for?
  4. What is your favorite clothing style
  5. What makes you happy
  6. You find a gang on the street secretly selling drugs
  7. A tall dark shadow approaches you with a deep voice in the parking garage
  8. Your son wants to join the police
  9. How do you express yourself?
  10. If you were a desert which would you be

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Quiz topic: Which Mel Gibson Character am I?