Which Mean Girls the Musical Character Should You be Cast As

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Mean Girls the Broadway Musical is an amazing musical with so many awesome characters. Have you ever wondered which character you would be best cast as? This quiz will show you!

This quiz is not a "which character are you" quiz. This quiz is to show you which character you could realistically play. This quiz will include questions like vocal range/type and dance/acting ability so if you don't know the answers to those question, your result will be inaccurate.

Created by: Kristin L

  1. Gender?
  2. Voice Type?
  3. What type of characters are you best at playing?
  4. Dance Ability?
  5. Height?
  6. Acting Ability?
  7. Would you like to play a lead role
  8. Can you belt?
  9. Age?
  10. Who do you think you'd be best cast as?

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Quiz topic: Which Mean Girls the Musical Character should I be Cast As