Which mcyt TikToker are you?

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What mcyt TikToker are you? this is about tiktokers who who make mcyt content! you’ll be able to answer a serious of questions to find out which mcyt tiktoker you are the most like

this quiz is inspired by “what dream smp member are you?” and,you should really follow everyone’s twitter and tiktok ;) and be a cool kid! k8erae and panda don’t have twitter sadly

Created by: polly innit

  1. what is your favorite color
  2. what type of friend are you?
  3. what is your favorite tool in minecraft
  4. what is your favorite hostile mob in minecraft
  5. what is your favorite animal in minecraft?
  6. pick one
  7. dream team or lmanburg
  8. who do you think you’re the most like? (this won’t affect your result)
  9. do you simp?
  10. what’s ur fav genre of music

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Quiz topic: Which mcyt TikToker am I?