Which MCYT are you most like?

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Hello! This is my very cool 'Which MCYT are you most like?' I was actually very bored when I made this, I literally have nothing to do most of the time, which sucks for me really, but anyways, if you do decide to do this quiz, welcome!

The site told me I had to write two paragraphs so I have to do this, I'm not exactly what to write, but I hope you're doing somewhat well, because I am.

Created by: Jodddd
  1. What is your favorite mob/animal?
  2. Which weapon do you prefer to use?
  3. What is your favorite color?
  4. What is your personality?
  5. Which MCYT is your favorite? (Will have no effect)
  6. How much do you play minecraft?
  7. What made you watch the Dream SMP?
  8. Have you heard of Twitch Prime?
  9. Which app do you use to watch the SMP?
  10. L'manberg, Manberg, or Pogtopia?

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Quiz topic: Which MCYT am I most like?