Which male name represents you the most?

Please keep in mind: Anybody with any gender can take this quiz! It doesn't matter if you are a boy, or girl! This quiz is just based on male names...

Also, I apologize if you do not get result you have hoped for or wanted or even if it isn't accurate. I'm not an angel, and I'm not perfect. Enjoy my quiz!

Created by: gherkinsgodhorse
  1. What is your favorite subject at school? (Out of options below.)
  2. Do you like sports?
  3. Do you like Drama, Arts, Music & Dance?
  4. Do you like to play video games or computer games?
  5. What is your school report mainly?
  6. What's your color hair?
  7. Which male name do you want to get?
  8. Comment?
  9. Rate?
  10. Please keep in mind: That results may not be accurate. I'm not a genius quiz maker, so don't come around and chastise me if you don't get an accurate result.

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