Which magic power suits you the best?

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Hi! this is really accurate, and please take this quiz!!! It won't waste any time, i promise. This is mostly about what super power suits you the best, and what your true self is. Again, please take this quiz and please tell me what to improve on! thanks!

Do you want to find what super power you will have? just take this quiz and find out! Again, just takes a few minutes! (\_/) (':') (,(")(") bunny!

Created by: Yumi is cool

  1. Hi! I'll introduce myself, it's Yumi here! Ok, just simply answer yes or no, and try not to click on maybe or other. Thx
  2. Do you like to be alone, and doesn't like crowded places?
  3. Do you feel that when someone hits or punches you, you don't feel any thing at all?
  4. Does people listen and do whatever you told them to do?;) be honest!
  5. Do you think your always the great one and everybody around you think your really great? BE HONEST!!!
  6. Do you always win first in track and field; or any other races? Again, Honesty!!!
  7. Do you feel really powerful, and your friends always says you imagine and pretend too much? (for example, you pretend that a vampire is attacking you) OK, JUST BE HONEST!!!
  8. Do you always say/do the same thing the other people does? AGAIN, HONEST!!!
  9. Do you like birds and when you were little, do you practice to fly like a bird by jumping of a sofa/furniture? HONEST...
  10. Can you carry really heavy stuff with out putting any effort to it? HONESTY, PEOPLE (not saying you don't but just in case)...
  11. Do you love nature, do and you seem really interested in them? Also,do you hate global warming? HONEST!!!(Okay, i won't bother you ; last question that count)
  12. OK! That's all! Comment?
  13. Rate?

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Quiz topic: Which magic power suits me the best?