Which lego minifigures animal mascot character are you?

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Which lego zoo animal is your favorite?! There are only six/6 to choose and which one are you gonna get?! Your personality will match the person you got out of the six.

Who do you expect to get in your blind bag?! Take this survey and see what you get in your blind bag ofc?! You love lego along with Mattel, hasbro, spin master, and/or, Mary Meyer along with other toy manufacturers like so for the matter of truth for this matter of fact like this for that like so.

Created by: Jeremy C.
  1. What is your gender?
  2. What is your favorite color?
  3. Is your teacher’s least favorite color is blue?
  4. Does your best friend like the color red?
  5. Is your wife a giraffe?
  6. Is your son a viper snake?
  7. Is your arch nemesis a rabbit and/or a glove?
  8. Do you like the transformers from the 80s?
  9. Do you like Chevy Camaros?
  10. Does your wife yell at you sometimes?
  11. Which is better?
  12. Last Question… do you hate horses?

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Quiz topic: Which lego minifigures animal mascot character am I?