Which Keronian is most like you?

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There are many frogs among us. Very many. It is mind-boggling just how ENORMOUS our population is, even among the Pekoponians. Five of these aliens are the leaders of them all. Well, not really.

The ultimate questions of the Keron race are "Which one am I? Where do I belong?" Thanks to this awesome quiz, every question is answered. Welcome to the Keronian army!

Created by: karere

  1. Your friends are in danger. What do you do?
  2. Where are you found during leisure?
  3. Ding dong! Pizza delivery!
  4. Which of the following would you consider yourself?
  5. You treat your friends like...
  6. You like to eat...
  7. Your team is stuck in a deep hole. What now?
  8. In a video game, you play...
  9. Your favorite symbol would be...
  10. Look! A banana peel on the ground!
  11. What could you never live without?
  12. What is your choice weapon?
  13. Is this the last question?

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