Which Keeper of the Lost Cities Power do you have

Hi! If you are here you want to know what power you would have. So I’m order to find out, just be honest with your answers and fill this test out. I hope you get the power you wanted but if not use the power you got wisely. Make sure you are honest.

I hope you enjoy this test, and if you do, I hope you will show it to your friends too. Anyway, go on and figure out what power you would have if you were an elf. Good luck!

Created by: Phoebe Kim
  1. How do you feel making things appear from no where?
  2. Would you like to take control over people you don’t like?
  3. Do you wish to see other people’s thoughts?
  4. Do you like water?
  5. Do you like shadows?
  6. Do you want to be able to understand every language?
  7. Would you like to inflict on enemies?
  8. Do you like to spook you friends out by appearing out of no where?
  9. Fire thereAhhhhhFire every whereDo you like fire
  10. Do you like lights?
  11. Brrrrrrrrr So cold. Do you like winter? (Snow)
  12. Do you like electronics?
  13. Do you want to manifest on people?
  14. Do you like shocking people?
  15. Do you wish to see people’s potential?
  16. Do you like to help your friends with their feelings?
  17. Would you like to make people stronger by one touch?
  18. Do you want to see destinies?
  19. Do you like the wind?
  20. Would you like to break down your body to go through things?
  21. Do you like force fields?
  22. Do you want to teleport anywhere you would dream of.
  23. Would you like to open your mouth and make a horrible sound?
  24. Doesn’t count - have you read all the books
  25. Doesn’t count - Who do you ship?

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Quiz topic: Which Keeper of the Lost Cities Power do I have