Which job will you get when you get older (kids only)?

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Every kid has a dream, a fantasy, a connection to their future lives, but do you really qualify for your dream job? What if you could take a sneak peek into your future lives? That'd be cool! Now you can!!!

Which job do you qualify for? Will your job lead you into a good or bad future? How will this test affect your life? It won't! It'll help you find the right path into your future endeavors!

Created by: Cheesems9
  1. Are you shy?
  2. Are you afraid of heights?
  3. Are you squeamish (afraid of blood)?
  4. Are you smart?
  5. Are you able to resist temptations easily?
  6. Are you smart with money?
  7. Are you patient/calm?
  8. Do you like seeing pictures of the world without going there?
  9. Do you like to travel?
  10. Do you like drama?
  11. Last question. Do you like people?

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Quiz topic: Which job will I get when you get older (kids only)?