Which Job Best Fits You?

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People always wanna know what theyll be when they grow up this quiz tells for you. to have a certain job you need special details and characteristics of such.

whats your job? take the quiz to find out if your a construction worker wrestler movie star or business man or woman. These twelve questions will decide your fate good luck!

Created by: Caleb S.

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  1. Do you like mornings?
  2. Do you like fighting,mma,wrestling, ETC. video games?
  3. do you like being Dirty like dirt or mud or... You get the picture.
  4. if you were in a play as a kid did you do well?
  5. Describe your wardrobe
  6. do you like eating out alot
  7. are you a hard worker?
  8. do you like computers?
  9. can you take crowds of fans running toward you?
  10. What would you do if you met a celebrity?

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