Which It Character Are you?

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So this quiz is just on what character you would be if you were on it. Have fun I guess, You can either be Eddie, Stanley, Richie, Beverly, Billy, Or Ben.

Sorry that you cannot be Mike, Henry, Patrick, or Pennywise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So hope you enjoy this wonderful quiz cause it's fun I guess ahahah.

Created by: Eddie
  1. How would friend's describe you as?
  2. What is your biggest fear?
  3. What Essential Do You Need With You At All Times?
  4. Where do you spend most of your time?
  5. What's Your Favorite Color?
  6. And Finally (I Know This Quiz Is Short, But) What's Your Favorite Candy
  7. Wait we have another. Ok what do you hate the most?
  8. What's the grossest?
  9. What's Your Favorite Animal?
  10. And Finally What's Your Favorite Genre?

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