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Who, actually reads these? I mean, you take the quiz and you get out. There is no reading in there anywhere except reading the questions! What the heck is this?

I might as well type on thing so here it is. Eddie Izzard is my favorite comedian. Ever. Period. I hope you do well on this quiz la-di-da-di-da have fun.

Created by: Amberpelt
  1. You are going to tell me what fits in the blank, alright?
  2. "You! Cake or _____?"
  3. "What? ... The Carthaginians are attacking? God, I knew they'd do that. What? ... They are attacking over the Alps? Damn, I knew they'd do that. What? ... They're coming on __________?"
  4. "I like my women like I like my coffee, in a _______ cup."
  5. Squirrel eating nut: "Did I leave the _____ on? NO! I'm a f**cking squirrel!"
  6. "There was Pope John, then there was Pope John Paul, then there was Pope John Paul _____."
  7. "The first version of the Mona Lisa was ______ Lisa!"
  8. Who is Mrs. Badcrumble?
  9. Who does Izzard use as the voice of God?
  10. What do you need to see an elephant ski?
  11. _____ I'm thinking of changing my name to Ceaser and I'll be remebered as a small can of dog food for small, _____ type dogs.
  12. What type of food does Izzard use a lot?
  13. What kind of transvestite is he?
  14. "Never put a ____ in a toaster" "That handshake is sort of like a _____in a cup"

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