Which Immortal is my Lifemate?

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Many of us long to find that perfect person to compliment our lives, and be with us in good times and bad. In the book series, Vampires of the Chesapeake, three women discover immortals that rock their worlds. Could one of these sexy men be your ideal mate?

Answer a few questions to see which one of these gorgeous men might entice you in real life. Take the quiz to discover whether Kian MacTiernan, Rees Morgan, or Nikolaus Schild is your match!

Created by: D. A. Rhine
  1. The closest to my ideal date, is
  2. The car I prefer is
  3. If you buy me something special, I prefer
  4. I enjoy eating
  5. If you want to make me swoon
  6. If you said this to me, I'd go weak in the knees.
  7. Out of these three eye colors, my favorite is
  8. A place I'd choose to live might be in
  9. Mostly, I'd like to be thought of as
  10. Given my druthers, I'd shop at

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