Which How To Train Your Dragon dragon are you destined for?

Hi! This is a very short quiz. Only 10 questions!! I just want to say I hope you enjoy this quiz and get which dragon you want out of these: Nadder, Zippleback, Gronckle, Nightmare, Night Fury, Dramillion, Terrible Terror, Triple Stryke, Quaken, and Night Terror.

Just going to point out that if you didn’t get the dragon you thought you were going to be, please don't get annoyed. It’s probably because it’s short but please don't put loads of bad comments. Just wanted to make it easier for you guys. Retake it to make sure you put the questions right. If it’s still the same, apologies for that. I will try to make a longer one soon.

Created by: ArtemisNightFury
  1. The most appealing place to train?
  2. You hear a rustling behind you. You...
  3. Today you are training. What do you do?
  4. You are exploring, but you come across a dead end in a cave.You are sure there is something on the other side of the wall. Do you...
  5. Class?
  6. Most appealing quality?
  7. Is it important that your dragon if fast?
  8. Weapon?
  9. Fire?
  10. Size?

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Quiz topic: Which How To Train my Dragon dragon am I destined for?