How to train your dragon quiz

Hello, this quiz you will take is only 10 questions long. I'm sorry it's so long but it's my first quiz so plz forgive me :) Thanx so much for doing this quiz and enjoy!

This quiz is about 3 dragons from the movie (How to train your dragon). The dragons you can get are: the Deadly nadder, The Monstrous nightmare and The Gronckle!

Created by: Hanna
  1. Do you like to adventure?
  2. Do you like fire?
  3. Do you like water?
  4. Do you like nature?
  5. Do you like destroying things?
  6. What do you like more?
  7. What's your favorite food
  8. What do you think is a good video game
  9. What book series is your favorite?
  10. What dragon do you think you are? There is no effect

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