Which Horrible Reoccurring Dream Creature Are YOU!?

This quiz will help you identify which of my reoccurring dreams beasts you are. Perhaps you can help me put these monsters to rest. or maybe not, please help.

The following beasts you will witness should not be taken lightly. recent studies suggest that after dreaming of these freaks for more than a year, they are beginning to manifest.

Created by: Brundish
  1. Where do you spend most of your time ?
  2. How are you in social situations ?
  3. Describe your appearance
  4. if you meet me, you better
  5. My trigger points are
  6. Your weapon of choice ?
  7. Favorite food
  8. how would you describe your perfect night ?
  9. Yes?
  10. type of greeting you use

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Quiz topic: Which Horrible Reoccurring Dream Creature am I!?