What Country in Panterra Are You From?

Welcome to the land of Panterra. A land of excitement, dragons, swordsmen, monsters, and beasts. In this land, there are people who fight the forces of darkness and the web of deception vs. the light and truth.

But which nation do you belong to? Where do you fit into all this? What can you learn from the heroes of Panterra? What can you learn and bring back into your own world? Take this quiz and find out.

Created by: Autumn Scarlett
  1. You love to dress in the following manner.
  2. What are your mating practices?
  3. What are your country's core values?
  4. What is your favorite food?
  5. How many Gods do you worship
  6. What foods do you eat?
  7. Where do your young people reside?
  8. What is your work ethic?
  9. You have plundered a city and you saved many victims from human sacrifice. What do you do with them?
  10. What are your hobbies?

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Quiz topic: What Country in Panterra am I From?