What Country From My Story Are You From?

To commemorate the one year anniversary of the idea of my first completed manuscript I decided to make a quiz for the fantasy world my story takes place in. Home to Yggds, Abritix, Xenakis along with the normal fantasy creatures such as dragons and sea serpents, Alethia is no ordianry planet. Some of the inhabitants have special powers, called Guardians, who are chosen to be a guardian of their homeland, the powers signs of the ruling gods of their nation. A world war has rocked Alethia for centuries, and the world faces its demise. Who will prevail? Which country? And which people do you most represent?

Alethia is a faraway world with four countries, with each of their own gods. Domosia, land of the north, who is home to ambitious god Zure. Borelai is close to the equator, with the elfin, sort of arrogant goddess Amylia (ah-my-Leah). Deirdre is divided into the North and Southern Provinces and is where Arsenia rules. And finally the noble kingdom or C'Flume, where the god Liho resides.

Created by: shadowlove
  1. What trait do you think is the best personality trait?
  2. What do people say you act like sometimes?
  3. Would you take a bullet for your best friend?
  4. You are in the Olympics for a sailing competion, and you are in second place. You see a boat start to capsize in a rip current, and the sailor, who you don't know, hanging on for dear life. You...
  5. Which element of these do you like the most? (Note: I know these arent on the periodic table)
  6. Have you ever bullied someone?
  7. If you said you ever bullied someone, why?
  8. Which is more powerful?
  9. Let's say you were a colonel in a war, and your troops caught a person whose information could turn the war in your favor and win. You are ordered to torture her. But when you open her cell, she is a thirteen year old girl terrified out of her mind. You...
  10. Reverse the situation. Your thirteen and have information that will win or lose the war and you are about to be brutally interrogated. You...
  11. What attribute do you wish to attain?
  12. What do you want to be remembered for?
  13. Do you think you could kill someone?
  14. You would lose a friend because you...
  15. What climate do you like the most?
  16. Did you like my quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Country From My Story am I From?