Which HoO Character are you?

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There are two book series including Percy Jackson. The first one is Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The second one is The Heroes of Olympus.The Heroes of Olympus has a prophecy that shows 7 Demigods stopping Gaia.

Which one of the 7 Demigods are YOU? Take this test and you will know. Do you have the power to defeat Gaia? Yes, You do! Thanks to this quiz, it will give you the answer of who you are!

Created by: KyKat123
  1. What weapon would you use?
  2. Who would you want to be your Godly Parent?
  3. What camp would you rather go to?
  4. Do you get everything you want just by talking?
  5. Do you like to hang around girls?
  6. Do you sometimes get stronger and taller randomly?
  7. Do you sometimes feel like you are not from this time period?
  8. Which Element do you like better?
  9. Would you rather?
  10. Would you rather go to camp at the age of...

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Quiz topic: Which HoO Character am I?