Which hogwarts boy will you go out with?

You ever wonder what boy you would go out with if you lived in the Harry Potter world? Wonder no more with this quiz! You will learn the answer here.❤

Will he be nice like Cedric? Will he be mean like Draco? Or is he in between like Harry? You will find here what your boyfriend would be. If you don't get who you want, don't worry.

Created by: Christina

  1. What color hair would you like your boyfriend to have?
  2. What will be be like?
  3. What color eye do you want him to have?
  4. What house is he in?
  5. Will he join the dark side?
  6. Is he nice?
  7. Does he have a sense of humor?
  8. I'll give freebie. Who do you want to have?
  9. Does he play quidditch?
  10. Was he in the triwizard tournament?
  11. Did your character die in the movie
  12. Did your character fail in most subjects?

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Quiz topic: Which hogwarts boy will I go out with?