Which Harry Potter couple would you be the child of?

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If you like Harry Potter and want to join the amazing line up of characters find out who would be your parents in this amazing awesome quiz. BOYS AND GIRLS WELCOME.

You can be the child of: Ginny, Georgalina, Bleur, Drastoria, Ronmoine, Nuna. Find out why would be your name, personality, hair colour and eye Colour.

Created by: Fictionmaniac11

  1. What is your hair colour?
  2. What is your hair like?
  3. Which house would you be in?
  4. What is your eye colour
  5. What would your stereotype be?
  6. What is your personality?
  7. Role play: You see a cat on the street that is really thin what do you do?
  8. If your friends asked you if their outfit was alright what would you do?
  9. What is your favourite subject?
  10. Did you like my quiz?
  11. Freebie

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