Which Harry Potter character is your soulmate?

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This quiz will tell you who your soulmate is. Please answer these questions truthfully and not based off who you want to be your soulmate because then you will not get the accurate answer.

If you actually read this then I’m surprised lol. I hope you enjoy the quiz and get the answer you are hoping for. Also follow my tiktok @camrynmalfoy if you are obsessed with HP and Draco. Alright sis go ahead and find you soulmate!!

Created by: Camryn Malfoy
  1. What is your favorite Harry Potter treat?
  2. Would you say you are shy or outgoing?
  3. What is your Hogwarts house?
  4. What animals seems the coolest to you out of these?
  5. When you have an assignment do you do it right away or wait last minute?
  6. What position would you play on the quidditch team?
  7. What do you look for most in a guy?
  8. Do you prefer black or white?
  9. Stars or Moon? (which one pleases your eye more)
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter character is my soulmate?