which greek god are you

The greeks had lots of Gods and each had a different personality, some you really didn't want mess with and there were some you really would want to please. They were all brillant in their own ways.

Which one of the major gods are YOU really like. Do have a temper or are a great leader. Maybe you're the brainboxor the romantic. Who every you are you're brilliant in every way!

Created by: flower

  1. Do you often get in a temper?
  2. what would describe you the best
  3. What kind of lover would you have?
  4. What plant are you
  5. What animal are you?
  6. what is your personality?
  7. Who Would you like to be like?
  8. Do you want to find out which Greek God you are most like?
  9. Really?
  10. Absoluly Sure

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Quiz topic: Which greek god am I