Which fruit are you??? Or not???

Here's a quiz like nothing ever seen before. Maybe because it's unique or just because it's plain weird. Either way, come try out which fruit you may be! Every single answer you pick matters. Excluding question 7.

Are you Mr. Onio- APPLE. Or are you the orange, not annoying? Or could you be the talkative lemon lime siblings? They're hard to tell apart so don't judge the picture, mkay?Whether you're blueberry or grape, you won't be able to tell unless you take this quiz! GO! NOW! TAKE IT! HAVE FUN, BAI!

Created by: none of your beeswax
  1. What's the best fruit of these answers???
  2. Do you like onions???
  3. Do you watch 'Annoying Orange'???
  4. Which fruit are you hoping to get???
  5. What do you think of the world???
  6. Which one of these pets sound most appealing to you?
  7. Is this quiz a good one?
  8. Is this day any different from the others???
  9. What's the best color?
  10. Do you watch 'Seinfeld'?

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Quiz topic: Which fruit am I??? Or not???