Which food are you?

This quiz proves which food you really are! Answer these questions truthfully and you will see if your Egg, Cheese, Chilli, Gummy Bear, Marshamllow, Strawberry, Tea or Coffee!

Are You Popular? Are you Bossy? Are you Good At Making Decisions? Well this quiz shows it all, wait for your result at the end and you will find out WHICH FOOD YOU REALLY ARE!

Created by: Millie
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have lots of friends
  2. What is your favourite food
  3. If a boy/girl you never met asked you out would you say yes 😘
  4. Which is the best colour
  5. If a giant said I'm gonna eat you and you could be any food for him to swallow would you be...
  6. Are you bossy (BE HONEST)
  7. If you had a party how many people would you invite!
  8. If the teacher told the principal on you would you..
  9. If you could make up a word would it be..
  10. If you could make up a word would it be..

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Quiz topic: Which food am I?