Which food are you?

There are many types of foods in the world, created by many different people. Italian, Mexican, French, and plenty more. I personally love food. Food is something your body needs, and something that this quiz is all about!

But wouldn't YOU want to know what kind of food YOU were? This quiz has questions that proves what kind of food you are truly based on! This quiz is only twelve questions and only takes a few minutes to complete. When you are finished, you will be revealed to what food you are!

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  1. What is your favorite condiment?
  2. Your hobby?
  3. Fave Color?
  4. Ice cream flavor?
  5. Meat?
  6. Favorite Fruit?
  7. If you were stuck on an island and could only bring two items, what wwould you bring?
  8. Last of all, your favorite food?
  9. Your thoughts on sugar cookies?
  10. Where do you live?

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Quiz topic: Which food am I?