which fnaf sister location animatronic will tickle you?

you sign up for circus baby's pizza world. you learn these animatronics love to tickle, especially late-night technicians. looks like your next! but WHO is gonna catch you first?

if you take this quiz then you'll find out. will it be baby, ballora, funtime foxy, or funtime freddy? let us find out for ourselves. (which character will you tickle cpoming soon.)

Created by: Joseph

  1. do you like sister location.
  2. if you saw someone with a feather what would you do?
  3. do you have any fetishes?
  4. name 3 characters from sister location.
  5. would you tickle one of them back? (they are ticklish)
  6. should i make one where its the other way around?
  7. rp. baby has her arms tied up over her head, her belly exposed, and her feet in stocks. she can't escape. how much do you tickle her?
  8. rp. funtime foxy is on her stage depressed. she is really ticklish. what do you do?
  9. each animatronic has a foot/tickle fetish. do you accept that?
  10. bye.

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