Which Fictional Guy is Right for You?

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Which Fictional Guy is Right for You? Take this test to find out! Just picture your dream guy in your mind and answer the following questions (occasionally reflecting on your own personality).

*Note: The results are all of my favorite characters from various forms of entertainment, such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc. Also, there are a few typos and for some reason GoTo won't let me edit my questions :( So please forgive me for that.

Created by: PishPosh

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  1. Which of these attitudes do you want your guy to show you?
  2. Which of these builds most turns you on?
  3. What is his most predominate feature?
  4. How big of an age difference?
  5. Which of these homes will you and your guy live in?
  6. What is the highest form of physical contact you'd be willing to make before marriage?
  7. What would he do at a party?
  8. What role does he play in a story?
  9. Which of these pair of words best describes YOU?
  10. And which of these word pairings best describes YOU?
  11. What type of video game would your guy play?
  12. What type of book would your guy read?
  13. Does he have a job/hobby?
  14. What does he do for fun?
  15. What type of movie would he see?
  16. What type of music would he listen to?
  17. Pick a word:
  18. Pick another word:
  19. Would it bother you if your guy had already been with other girl?
  20. How long into a relationship before you say "I love you"?
  21. Which of these quotes do you like the best?
  22. Do you ever want to get married?
  23. Do you ever want to have kids?
  24. Which of these jobs would you most want?
  25. Which of these would you most want to do?
  26. And which of these would you most want to do?
  27. Good guy or bad boy?
  28. The average guy uses around 1000 words per day. Would you dream guy use more or less?
  29. What type of humor would he have?
  30. Night owl or morning person?
  31. Is he ethnically different?
  32. Is it fine if your guy only hands out with other guys?
  33. Would you be okay with a different species?
  34. Are you okay if his work is controversial?
  35. Is it okay is he doesn't always put you first?
  36. Is it cool if he has a complicated family?
  37. Is it okay is he's immortal?
  38. Is it okay if his life is always in danger?
  39. Is it okay if he doubts himself?
  40. Is it cool if he's gone a lot?
  41. Is it cool if he's got a mysterious past?
  42. Which of these actors are you most attracted to?
  43. What are you generally attracted to?
  44. Which of these love songs would you like him to sing to you?
  45. Which of these love songs would you like him to play/sing for you?
  46. Which of these negative qualities could you put up with?
  47. And which of these negatives could you handle?
  48. You're cuddling - what do you two talk about?

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