which feral boys member are you most like?

this is all made for fun!!! it doesn't actually base you i'm just very bored and tired. please don't go around saying 'oh yeah i'm like ____ because it's embarrassing and this quiz isn't accurate at all lmao

enjoy yourself!!!!!! find out which feral boys member you're most like personality-wise. idk what to put here cause it needs to have words so skmfbseskanfkjsanfkjesbdjkd,ms zkjhfilskbdguifsnigkjfanwdlfknsjksfdnlkjnkskzjnflskdnkj

Created by: millie

  1. what's the most fun activity to do with your friends?
  2. finish the lyrics: shawty..
  3. what would be the most comforting thing after a long day for you?
  4. favourite genre of music?
  5. your love language?
  6. how would you fight/argue in a bad situation?
  7. which streamer keeps your attention best?
  8. who are you an apologist for? /dsmp featuring some of my personal opinions ig
  9. how would you take losing something?
  10. which greek god is your favourite out of these?

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Quiz topic: Which feral boys member am I most like?