Which Family Guy character are you most like?

This is my first quiz in almost 2 years... wow it's been while! Anyway, this is just a fun "Family Guy" quiz that I threw together for you guys to take and enjoy.

The entire Griffin family (and Meg) are all a part of this quiz. The rules of the quiz are simple. Be as honest as possible and you will get the most honest results.

Created by: 070085915
  1. What is your role in your family?
  2. How would you best describe your circle of friends?
  3. Out of all of the possible answers, what word would you best use to describe yourself?
  4. Are you a peoples person?
  5. Would other people generally describe you as an idiot (in a humorous way)?
  6. Do you still like your teddy bear (at you current age)?
  7. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the MOST and 10 being the LEAST), how oblivious would you describe yourself?
  8. Are you generally a loud person?
  9. Do you make many "dumb" or "regrettable" decisions?
  10. LAST ONE. Out of all of the following words, what word would you use to best describe yourself?

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Quiz topic: Which Family Guy character am I most like?