Which essential oil should you use?

I was reading a Buddhist Sutra and I read that Buddha said it smelled like Sandalwood. So I bought sandalwood oil and I felt great. So I've been getting into all of these products.

These essential oils will make you feel great. There aren't many risks and they've been used for thousands of years. They really help me. And they will really help you.

Created by: Serge

  1. Are you at risk for STD's?
  2. Are you depressed?
  3. Do you need to improve cognitive functions?
  4. Do you need to relieve stress?
  5. Do you need help meditating?
  6. Do you want to feel like the weight of the world is lifted off your shoulders?
  7. Do you need help with mental clarity?
  8. Do you need to be more relaxed and calm?
  9. Do you need to boost self-esteem?
  10. Do you need hope?
  11. Do you need more mental strength?
  12. Are you lonely?
  13. Do you have headaches?
  14. Are you fatigued?
  15. Do you have mood swings?
  16. Do you have nausea?
  17. Do you have anxiety?
  18. Do you need help with sleep?
  19. Do need to protect against diabetes?
  20. Do you have cognitive impairment?

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Quiz topic: Which essential oil should I use?