Which Encanto power do you have?

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Hi! So, now I've watched Encanto 7 times and today if my parents say yes I will watch it for the 8th because that's how awesome it is! So WATCH IT OR RE-WATCH IT!!!!

This quiz is to see what power you have. It's ok if your power doesn't match with which character you are, but if it does match, well then you really are a LOT like that person! Have fun!

Created by: ilovemermaids
  1. Who are you most like?
  2. You love.....
  3. Your family describe you as.....
  4. Are you emotional or moody?
  5. Are you awesome at cooking?
  6. Do you have good hearing?
  7. Can you feel as if you're in someone else's skin?
  8. Are you strong?
  9. Are you pretty?
  10. Can you sometimes predict what's about to happen?
  11. Do you love animals?
  12. What's your favourite kind of weather?
  13. Which power do you want?
  14. Which power do you least want?
  15. Thank you for taking my quiz! (whatever ok you pick doesn't affect your answer)

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Quiz topic: Which Encanto power do I have?