Which Elemental Wolf R U?

Ummm... I love wolves. That's why I did this.. I also think the 4 elements are wicked awesome!! Umm... This in my opinion.. Was really hard to make.. I ended up just making up random questions.. My friends find it cool and I hope you do too.

I hope you get a wolf that is like you... Good Luck!! I got the fire wolf!! HECK YES!!! All my friends either got the earth or wind wolf... At least none of em got water. Wooh that would have been bad.

Created by: Victoria
  1. How much do you like to run? (1-5)
  2. Would you rather...
  3. What's your fave movie outta the listed?
  4. Fave Music?
  5. Fave Color?
  6. Fave food?
  7. Where would u rather live?
  8. Fave gem?
  9. Fave number? I'm running outta ideas...
  10. Was this quiz stupid?

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