Which Element Are You?

People have special abilities and feelings. Your element is a type of personality. It forms people into groups, from strong to weak. Your element is a part of you.

This is a quiz to determine which group or element you fall into. You might think you are one and this quiz says otherwise. Now I am not 100% correct, but I can be right. You just have to believe me.

Created by: Phoenix
  1. What special connection do you have?
  2. Which dream would you follow?
  3. Where would you work?
  4. Which element do you think you are?
  5. Do you believe in mythical creatures?
  6. Do you think that its possible to be half animal?
  7. What happens when you get angry?
  8. How often do you get angry?
  9. Do you listen to people?
  10. Would you believe me if I said you were a different element than you think you are?

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Quiz topic: Which Element am I?