Which Element Are You?

There are four elements: Fire, the thing that causes death and destruction, but is always good for light and warmth. Earth: The thing our planet is made of, and called. Water: The thing we need to survive. And last but not least, Air: The thing that surrounds us, helping us live.

All of the elements have good and bad assets. They are all equal. But what element are YOU? Fire? Earth? Air? Water? With this cool quiz you can find out in less than five minutes! Unless you are rrreeeaaalllyyy ssslllooowww!

Created by: Molly
  1. What do you think of Miley Cyrus?
  2. What is 2 and 2?
  3. What part of a pack would you consider yourself in?
  4. hyfyuy
  5. Which Element are you?
  6. Are you in love?
  7. Do you have pets
  8. Do you like going outside?
  9. Are you happy?
  10. Last question!

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Quiz topic: Which Element am I?