Which Dream SMP member are you?

I just made this for fun and I don’t really know if I did it right. I hope you enjoy though! I don’t know what else to write because you have to have atleast 150 characters.

If I did this wrong I’m sorry, I tried my best. There are multiple other quizzes like this one that you can take that are also probably more accurate.

Created by: Hiiii

  1. Which one are you more like?
  2. What is you favorite color
  3. Choose one
  4. Who do you think your most like?(won’t effect anything)
  5. What would you rather do?
  6. What is your favorite season?
  7. What is your sexuality?
  8. Choose one
  9. What do you prefer?
  10. Do you have friends
  11. What song do you listen to more?
  12. Are you a simp?

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Quiz topic: Which Dream SMP member am I?